Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Adolescent Center for OCD and Anxiety FAQ

Since each child is admitted for individual behaviors and each child has personalized treatment goals, this question should be addressed by your child’s social worker/counselor. Specific strategies will be provided by the physician, social worker/counselor and other members of the treatment team.

When your child is admitted you will receive a packet that includes a weekly schedule with visitation hours and phone times. If these times conflict with job responsibilities and/or child care arrangements, alternative times may be arranged. Please discuss arrangements with your child’s social worker/counselor. Please note that the Child and Adolescent Center’s families are expected to participate in the treatment process by attending family sessions and therapy sessions held during the week.

The admission day process is detailed, including sign-in paperwork followed by a full assessment with a registered nurse and your first session with your psychiatrist. We also want you to meet with your primary therapist and other clinicians on your treatment team prior to your departure from the area.

For that reason, please plan to have at least one parent stay overnight in the area on the admission day to ensure that initial contact meetings with the clinical team are concluded correctly by the following day.

If the attending physician feels it is necessary to make an adjustment to your child’s current medication(s), he/she will discuss this with you. No psychiatric medications will be started without the consent of the parent/guardian, except in an emergency situation. Information about any new medication prescribed will be provided to both you and your child. Specific questions you have about medications can be answered by the physician or nursing staff.

The activities that your child is involved in vary depending on the level of care. Components of the treatment program include: goal setting group, school/homework, written assignments and journaling, social work processing and specialty education groups, experiential and art therapy groups, and play therapy (if appropriate).

Each child’s stay at the hospital is dependent upon the level of care, their personalized treatment plan and progress toward achieving their treatment plan goals. Your child’s physician or social worker/counselor can answer more specific questions about your child’s length of stay.

Based on a review of this screening, a physician or psychologist will be contacted by admissions staff to review the information to determine if our treatment services will meet your needs. After this clinical review, admissions staff will contact you and share the physician’s recommendation.

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