Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Video: Interview with Dr. Miller on Alcoholics Anonymous

Residential treatment for addiction at Rogers Memorial Hospital's Herrington Recovery Center utilizes aspects of the 12-Step program and alcoholics anonymous to help in the recovery process.

Featured Doctor: Michael M. Miller, MD, FASAM, FAPA , Medical Director, Herrington Recovery Center

Miller: We are certainly 12-Step based and have a tremendous foundation in 12-Step facilitation therapy. What that means is we don't just tell people to go to AA but we actively incorporate it into the treatment process and we help people understand why AA is important and how it can be a mechanism, a tool to get you where you want to get with your recovery. We ask people to reflect on their experiences at AA. Don't just attend but participate and we probe at nights afterwards to reflect. We have residential counselors meet with the patients every night to reflect on the day and include “What was your experience like at your meeting? How was it to meet your new sponsor? Are you having any trouble finding a sponsor? How do you relate to other people there? Do you show up and just occupy a chair and pass or do you actually say something? What was it like for you? How anxious do you get when you're there? What are the barriers to successful participation?”

One of the things we're very clear on at the Herrington Recovery Center is that we don't want somebody to go through a treatment experience and at the end say, "Oh, I don't believe in AA. I don't want to do AA, I don't think AA is for me." And to make those statements based on some pre-conceived notion some philosophy they have with out really experiencing it. After experiencing it, if you find that AA is not for you, we understand and that's ok. But we want to give you a full opportunity to experience what AA is all about. We have a wonderful recovery community surrounding Oconomowoc and of course we have a wonderful alumni association who provide temporary sponsors for people who are here. So that somebody who's been through treatment with us and has had a good experience with AA or NA can be a temporary sponsor and help people understand what a sponsor/sponsee relationship can be like. They don't stay with the folks after they leave because they will free themselves up for the next Herrington Resident. We just love our alumni and what they can contribute to the recovery for people here. So this is how AA is involved in our program.

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